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                                  Registration is closed but you can still be a part of the Class of 2024 yearbook! Just log in to create your own profile page, where you and your friends and family can stream the ceremony and send messages of support and congratulations. You can also download the page as a memento to look back on for years to come.
                                  Guest Login
                                  Congratulate your graduate in the Class of 2024 yearbook! Log in to find a student’s page to send messages that acknowledge their accomplishments and share words of encouragement and congratulations. 

                                  Congratulations, Graduates!

                                  And thank you to celebrated CBS correspondent, Bill Whitaker, and all friends, family, faculty, and staff who helped celebrate the Class of 2024 on their tremendous accomplishment.

                                  The next chapter holds exciting new adventures and your UC San Diego Triton community will be there to collaborate, empower, and support you along the way. Tap into your alumni network and check out the resources available to you at 

                                  As graduates of UC San Diego, you are poised to do incredible things and we can't wait to see the change you create in the world.

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                                  Thurgood Marshall College

                                  UC San Diego celebrates the Thurgood Marshall College Class of 2024!


                                  Thurgood Marshall College Preshow

                                  Enjoy highlights from the Thurgood Marshall College Class of 2024!

                                  John Muir College

                                  UC San Diego celebrates the John Muir College Class of 2024!

                                  John Muir College Preshow

                                  Enjoy highlights from the John Muir Class of 2024!

                                  Revelle College

                                  UC San Diego celebrates the Revelle College Class of 2024!


                                  Revelle College Preshow

                                  Enjoy highlights from the Revelle Class of 2024!

                                  Eleanor Roosevelt College

                                  UC San Diego celebrates the Eleanor Roosevelt College Class of 2024!

                                  Eleanor Roosevelt College Preshow

                                  Enjoy highlights from the Eleanor Roosevelt Class of 2024!

                                  Sixth College

                                  UC San Diego celebrates the Sixth College Class of 2024!

                                  Sixth College Preshow

                                  Enjoy highlights from the Sixth Class of 2024!


                                  UC San Diego celebrates the Earl Warren College Class of 2024!


                                  Earl Warren College Preshow

                                  Enjoy highlights from the Earl Warren Class of 2024!

                                  School of Global Policy and Strategy

                                  UC San Diego celebrates the School of Global Policy and Strategy Class of 2024!

                                  School of Global Policy and Strategy Preshow

                                  Enjoy highlights from the School of Global Policy and Strategy Class of 2024!

                                  Graduate Division

                                  UC San Diego celebrates the Graduate Division Class of 2024!


                                  Graduate Division Preshow

                                  Enjoy highlights from the Graduate Division Class of 2024!

                                  Rady School of Management

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                                  Rady School of Management Preshow

                                  Enjoy highlights from the Rady School of Management Class of 2024!


                                  Keynote Speaker: Bill Whitaker

                                  Bill Whitaker, celebrated CBS correspondent, gave the keynote address at UC San Diego's Virtual Commencement 2024.

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                                  Jesus Fernandez

                                  Jesús Alejandre Fernández ’20

                                  A message on the power that can be derived from unity.

                                  Morgan Montoya

                                  Morgan Montoya ’20

                                  An encouraging message about the resilience displayed by the Class of 2024.


                                  Alicia Y.C. Yancey ’20

                                  A call for the Class of 2024 to create change.

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                                  Steven Boggs

                                  The dean of the Division of Physical Sciences shares a congratulatory message to the graduating class.

                                  Cristina Della Coletta

                                  A message from the dean of the Division of Arts and Humanities on the great resilience of the Class of 2024.


                                  Rajesh Gupta

                                  Encouraging words from the Director of the Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute on how the future can change for the better.


                                  Margaret Leinen

                                  A message from the Vice Chancellor of Marine Sciences of gratitude and the importance of environmental justice.

                                  John C. Moore

                                  A congratulatory message from the dean of Undergraduate Education on a hard job very well done.

                                  Carol Padden

                                  A message of hope from the dean of Social Sciences to take lessons learned and experienced into the future.

                                  Albert P. Pisano

                                  An inspiring message from the dean of the Jacobs School of Engineering on the importance of working together to make the world a better place.

                                  Kit Pogliano

                                  A message from the dean of the Division of Biological Science on harnessing the power of biology for the public good.

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                                  Darcy Bingham, Honorary ’12

                                  A heartfelt message of celebration and promise.

                                  Kimberley Phillips Boehm ’82 and Marcus F. Boehm ’83

                                  Inspiring words to meet challenges, create new opportunities, and to rise, rooted as a member of the Triton family.

                                  Aryeh B. Bourkoff ’95

                                  A penetrating challenge to embrace this moment in motion, looking forward to the extraordinary.


                                  Wisdom for defining and shaping personal leadership through strong values.

                                  Carol L. Chang, Honorary ’19

                                  A Seussian invitation to move with what is happening in the world, letting it shape personal destiny. 

                                  Nathan East ’78

                                  Ardent insight on the intrinsic power of education, a gift that can never be taken away.


                                  Sheldon Engelhorn ’72

                                  Heartening truth acknowledging what the world needs, imploring 2024 graduates to stay aware of opportunities in the periphery.


                                  Sam C. Knight ’73

                                  A warm congratulations from the class of 1973.

                                  Kenneth F. Kroner, PhD ’88

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                                  Wendy W. Kwok ’99

                                  A celebration of the strides toward this moment and words to encourage embracing the future with courage.

                                  Bosco Luján, MBA ’12

                                  Advice for seizing this moment as agents of change, prepared to reshape the world with an opportunity to impact.

                                  Jerrilyn T. Malana ’86

                                  Far-reaching advice to embrace the winding path.

                                  David Marchick ’88

                                  An honest perspective on the true value of graduation and the inherent honor of education.

                                  Jamie Montgomery ’81

                                  Thoughts on how positivity, especially in complexity, matters the most in every area of life.


                                  Leo Spiegel ’83

                                  A message on the gifts of adversity along the path to success.

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                                  A potent call to harness the power of personal voice while remaining compassionate, convicted, and changeable.


                                  Jessie J. Knight Jr.

                                  Historical parallels, and valuable thoughts on meeting success in the shadow of failures.

                                  Pelin Thorogood

                                  Reflections on the opportunities available with a courageous spirit.


                                  A wide perspective honoring knowledge, stamina, and creativity.

                                  To the College Class of 2024

                                  Governor Gavin Newsom and First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom address the 2024 graduates.

                                  Congratulations, Class of 2024

                                  UC President Janet Napolitano shares a congratulatory message with the Class of 2024.

                                  Dear Class of 2024

                                  Watch a Youtube Original virtual celebration honoring the Class of 2024.

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                                  Cynthia Ochoa

                                  Playwright Cynthia Ochoa Reconnects with Passion for Theatre while Earning a Degree

                                  Cynthia melds her childhood love of theatre with her experience as an immigrant from Querétaro, Mexico to advocate for social justice within her community through playwriting. At UC San Diego, the Department of Theatre and Dance nominated her play 小火箭更新订阅教程 to the Fifth Annual Undergraduate Playwrights' Workshop at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

                                  Read More About Cynthia »

                                  Varun Govil

                                  Varun Govil Expands the Horizons of Cancer Diagnosis

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                                  Read More About Varun »


                                  Juan Reynoso Creates Visibility and Awareness for Marginalized Identities through Education

                                  Juan's work as an American Sign Language interpreter and paraeducator—paired with his master’s in education and a special education teaching credential from the Department of Education Studies—have made him an ally of the Deaf community, advocating for accessibility and disability rights.

                                  Read More About Juan »


                                  Transfer Student Ardash Parthasarathy Connects Students with the Campus

                                  When political science student Ardash transferred to UC San Diego, he was surprised to see that there was no transfer center waiting for him. So, in collaboration with Student Success Services within Student Affairs, Ardash worked to open the Triton Transfer Hub, which led the way to the establishment of the Hub.

                                  Read More About Ardash »

                                  Laura Alejandra Morejon Ramirez

                                  Laura Alejandra Morejón Ramírez Discovers Leadership in Engineering and Self-Love

                                  Laura threw herself into campus activities when she arrived at UC San Diego including the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and the Undergraduate Cohort of Gordon Scholars, where she discovered ways she could help her community through engineering. She also credits her time at the university with overcoming personal struggles and finding gratitude.

                                  Read More About Laura »

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                                  Just because we can’t celebrate in person, doesn't mean we can’t celebrate together! Show off your grad photos, mortar board decorations, and Class of 2024 spirit with #UCSDGrad.

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                                  Black Graduates

                                  A celebration video, featuring graduate acknowledgments, future plans, and personal documentation, will be shared on June 12, 2024. Graduates are invited to participate in the 2021 Black Graduate Ceremony, where graduates from both classes will be highlighted.

                                  Learn more about Black Graduation »

                                  First-Generation Graduates

                                  View profiles from the Class of 2024's first-generation graduates, highlighting their accomplishments, experiences as the first in their family to graduate from college, and words of gratitude for those who have supported them.

                                  First-Gen Grad Virtual Recognition Website »

                                  The Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute Graduates

                                  Join us in celebrating the inaugural graduating class on June 15, 2024, at 5:00 p.m.

                                  Learn more about the virtual celebration »

                                  Jacobs School of Engineering Graduates

                                  Join us in celebrating graduating undergraduate engineering students at the virtual Ring Ceremony event on June 13, 2024, at 3:00 p.m.

                                  Learn more about Ring Ceremony »

                                  LGBTQIA+ Graduates

                                  Join us for the premiere of a celebration video honoring our LGBTQIA+ graduates on Friday, June 12, 2024, at 7:00 p.m. Graduates are also invited to participate in the 2021 Rainbow Graduation.

                                  Watch the premiere »

                                  Native American Graduates

                                  View graduate highlights with bios, photos, quotes, and memories from their time at UC San Diego. Graduates are invited back to campus next spring to participate in the 2021 Native American Graduates Honoring Ceremony.

                                  Learn more about the Native American Graduate Highlights »

                                  Scripps Institution of Oceanography Graduates

                                  Scripps Day honors the outstanding undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral graduates from Scripps Institution of Oceanography with a day of celebration and festivities.

                                  Watch the video »

                                  Xicanx/Latinx Graduates

                                  You're invited to join the Xicanx/Latinx Graduation ceremony on June 12, 2024, at 3:30 p.m. to celebrate the academic achievements of the Xicanx/Latinx scholar community. Graduates are also invited to join the festivities at the in-person graduation in spring of 2021.

                                  Learn more about Xicanx/Latinx Graduation »

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